You will regret following a GM diet plan for weight loss

You will regret following a GM diet plan for weight loss

Day 1
Pls explain what GM diet days and whats my take for that My take: Fruits - Too much fructose, good for weight loss but bad for liver. Connect to my fruits article.  you will lose weight because you have not eaten any c salt, that hold water in the body.

Day 2 
Is neat. Here you will lose further weight because of excluding carbs and other food items like wheat and diary, which have lots of anti-nutrients. carbs hold water. No carbs more Do you know 50% of our body weight is water Rest fat or muscle depending on the individual.

Day 3 
Day 3 side effects: you have not consumed meat since 3 days. No proteins for 3 days. Your body will start losing muscle mass. Importance of muscles and how they increase metabolism.

Day 4 
Too much fructose because of bananas. You will lose weight on day 4 because you are excluding the variety. Research says that we overeat in the buffet, because of variety of the food. Generally limit variety to your diet, and you will not over eat. 
Day 5
Clean Eating. I think this should be your lifestyle. Eat protein like your palm size with veggies. If you can replicate day 5 every day switching between veggies , protein and carbs you will have a healthier lifestyle.  

Day 6 
Complete Diet.  Also just like day 5. A variety of foods will give you complete nutrition profile

Day 7 

I would rather prefer sweet potatoes as a carb source than brown rice. Brown rice should be eaten in moderation because they are many people believe wild rice is the best diet food around, but black and wild rice contain lots of anti-nutrients like phytate and lectins and gut-irritating fibre. We’ve all been told for years that eating more fibre is the key to digestive health, but certain types of fibre actually damage part of the lining of the gut called the intestinal villi. When intestinal villi get damaged, your ability to move nutrients through the digestive tract goes down. White rice tastes better than brown, black, and wild rice; doesn’t cause the same digestive issues; and is lower in anti-nutrients. That said, wild rice tastes good. There isn’t a this is copy paste, so put in your words"